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VIP crashes due to a one-time parity error

Core Issue

A parity error due to a one-time event may cause a Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) crash.

The following types of parity errors can occur on a VIP:

  • Processor memory parity error exception (or cache parity error exception)
  • Packet memory read parity error
  • PCI bus parity error
  • Packet bus write parity error
  • CyASIC parity error
  • Reno read parity error
  • I/O controller parity error

Generally, if a parity error occurs only once, it is considered a soft parity error.


If a parity error occurs only once, monitor for another occurrence. At the first occurrence of a parity error, it is not possible to distinguish between a soft or hard parity error. Most parity error occurrences are soft parity errors and can usually be dismissed. If you have recently changed some hardware or have moved the box, try reseating the VIP. Frequent multiple parity error occurrences signify faulty hardware. 

Soft parity errors are 10 to 100 times more frequent than hard parity errors. To greatly reduce the impact on your network, wait for a second parity error before replacing anything.

For more information, refer to Troubleshooting Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) Crashes.

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