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Wake-on-Lan (WOL)

going green

always a good idea to sleep your home computer/MAC when possible

I use a nice option if sitting at work and you need to access some files on my home mac but its fast asleep

Cisco Router Configuration (Cisco 877)

interface Vlan1

ip address
  ip directed-broadcast
  ip accounting output-packets
  ip nat inside
  ip virtual-reassembly

ip nat inside source list Allow-nat interface Dialer1 overload
ip nat inside source static udp 7 interface Dialer1 7

ip access-list extended Allow-nat
permit ip any

The above will forward the crafted packet destined to your routers public internet address

to the local lan broadcast address (on udp port 7)

Generating the WOL packet

Crafting the desired pack

btw you need to know the MAC address of your home machine

Sending a WOL packet...

Example of a Perl script I use written by Walter Roberson run

./ <mac add in format XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX> <internet address> <udp port>

Windows option