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[Wanted] 24x Gbe, fanless, IGMPv3 snooping - SG300?


it seems I am unable to find a switch that

1. is fanless

2. has 24x Gb RJ45 ports plus at least 2 SFP ports

3. has full IGMPv3 snooping

Well you´d say there are plenty. No there aren´t. Each time I ask some other vendort about full IGMPv3 support I was disappointed. Many do IGMPv2 snooping, but not IGMPv3 snooping. Some other vendor will tell you within its manuals, e.g.:

The ****** implementation is subject to the following restrictions:
• Interoperability with RFC3376 (IGMPv3)
• Interoperability with IGMPv3 Joins. When the switch receives an IGMPv3 Join, it accepts the host request and begins forwarding the IGMP traffic. This means ports that have not joined the group and are not connected to routers or the IGMP Querier will not receive the group's multicast traffic.
• No support for the IGMPv3 “Exclude Source” or “Include Source” options in the Join Reports. Rather, the group is simply joined from all sources.
• No support for becoming a version 3 Querier. The switch will become a version 2 Querier in the absence of any other Querier on the network.

So here I am and found the Cisco SG300 28 port switch. But what about IGMPv3 snooping. Is it fully supported? Are there any limitations? Which other switch would you recommend? Vendor doesn´t matter at all, it simple has to work...