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Which MIB objects provide information on inline power-capable devices connected to ports?


To obtain information on inline power-capable devices connected to ports, issue the cisco-stack-mib command. The specific object within this Management Information Base (MIB) is portInlinePowerDetect, as shown:

portInlinePowerDetect OBJECT-TYPE

         SYNTAX  TruthValue

         MAX-ACCESS      read-only

         STATUS          current

         DESCRIPTION            "Indicate if the port detects an inline

power capable

              device connected to it."

         ::= { portEntry 24 }

For example, to check the inline power for the IP phone connected to module 4 port 2, refer to this output:

# snmpget -c public portInlinePowerDetect.4.2

cisco.workgroup.ciscoStackMIB.portGrp.portTable.portEntry.portInlinePowerDetect.4.2 : true

For more information on the portInlinePowerDetect object, refer to the SNMP Object Navigator.

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