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Who are TSNL Readers? - Results from the 2014 Readers' Survey

A big thanks to the TS Newsletter readers who completed the online survey that we ran in February this year!  Because I cannot meet all of you personally, this allows me to find out more about you and what you want to see in the TS Newsletter.

Incidentally, you can contact me anytime to let me know what you think of the content... just send a note to




TS Newsletter editor



Which title most closely represents your role?

Network Engineer/Architect/Administration - 58%

IT Infrastructure - 12%

Consultant: Cisco Partner - 10%

Network Manager (Voice/Telecom/Video/Contact Center) - 8%

Enterprise/IT Architect - 6%


How would you categorize your organization per one of the following?

Small (less than 99 employees) - 20%

Enterprise (1000 - 4999 employees) - 19%

Commercial Mid-Market (100 - 999) - 18%

Large Enterprise (5000 - 19,999) - 16%

Global Enterprise (20,000+) - 13%


Do you have an existing Services/Support contract with Cisco or one of our partners?

Yes - 75%

No - 25%


On what device do your primarily read the TS Newsletter?

Desktop/Laptop - 89%

Smart Phone - 5%

Tablet - 5%


Has the content in the TS Newsletter assisted you so that you did not have to contact the TAC?

No - 51%

Yes - 49%


How often do you visit the TS Newsletter website?

A few times a month - 35%

There's a website? - 35%

Every 2-3 months - 17%

More than once a week - 11%

Every day - 2%


The TS Newsletter website has a page with a sortable list of all Technical Documents published in the newsletter.  How often do you use this list to view Tech Docs?

Never, didn't know about it - 50%

A few times a month - 23%

Every 2-3 months - 15%

More than once a week - 9%

Every day - 2%


Do you rely on Cisco social media channels and communities to stay current on technical information?

Yes - 51%

No - 49%


What Cisco social media channels are you subscribed to or follow regularly?

Cisco Support Community - 80%

Cisco Blogs - 40%

Other Cisco communities (Data Center & Cloud, Security, etc.) - 36%

Cisco Facebook Accounts - 13%


Please rank the types of information frequently featured in the TS Newsletter:

#1 - Technical Documents

#2 - Tech Insights

#3 - Cisco Learning Network

#4 - How-to Guides

#5 - Product Updates

#6 - Support Updates

#7 - Services Updates

#8 - Schedule of Online Events

#9 - Industry Trends


What areas of interest do you want to see featured in the TS Newsletter?

#1 - Switches

#2 - Routers

#3 - IP

#4 - Network Management

#5 - Security/VPN

#6 - Cisco IOS and NX-OS Software

#7 - Wireless

#8 - Data Center

#9 - Training

#10 - MPLS

#11 - Voice/Unified Communications

#12 - Cloud and Systems Management

#13 - Unified Computing Systems

#14 - Storage Networking

#15 - Video/TelePresence

#16 - Collaboration Technologies

#17 - Application Network Services

#18 - Smart Services

#19 - Service Exchange


What would you change about the TS Newsletter, given the opportunity?

editor's note: Responses to this question fell into 3 basic categories:

#1 - Readers who are happy with the TSNL as is, or have no suggestions on how to change it

#2 - Readers specifically requesting more SMB content

#3 - Readers who basically want more of what the the TSNL already contains, just more in-depth coverage


here are some examples of reader responses:

"(change) nothing! It is the best newsletter there is!"

"Keep up the good work, the Technical Documents section is my favorite."


"Would be nice to have something for the small business (less than 200)"

"I would like to see more articles that focus on smaller sized installations, instead of all the information being focused on enterprise operations."


"More expert tips and learning."

"More video and audio talks about topics withing TS. Include more basic real life example for the common end-user/engineer"

"Expand on the other technologies provided by Cisco, and not just routing and switching."



What do you think?  Did any of these responses surprise you?  You don't have to wait for a survey... send your comments and suggestions to


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