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Why Cisco WAN Manager does not collect statistics from switches

Core issue

Any misconfigurations switch side or Cisco WAN Manager (CWM) side could prevent CWM from collecting statistics from switches.


Verify these items in the switches side:

  1. The switch name must be consistent with the name defined on the CWM server (through Domain Name System (DNS) or the host file).      
  2. Time setup must be set correctly and consistently on all the networks with common Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) reference.      
  3. IP configuration: LAN IP, ATM or Network IP (NWIP), trap IP (MGXs only), default IP route (if needed).      
  4. SNMP configuration.      
  5. IGX Devices:      
    • cnfstatmast: Make sure the statistics master is set correctly.              
    • dspstatparms: Shows if it is enabled, bucket, or statistics enabled.              
    • dspstatfiles: Verifies that the switch is collecting data.              
    • dspchstathist, dsplnstathist, dspportstathist, dsptrkstathist: See local history statistics counters.  
  6. MGX 8220, MGX 8250, MGX 8550 version 1:      
    • dspcds: Shows the statistics master IP address (set IP with cnfstatsmgr).             
    • dspstatparms: Shows if it is enabled, bucket, or statistics enabled.

In the CWM server side, verify these:

  1. Switch host names defined in /etc/hosts or that the DNS is consistent with the actual switch names.      
  2. Verfiy that the time is in sync with the one configured in the ATM network.      
  3. Check if the file system is full by issuing the df -k command.      
  4. Verify connectivity, using one of these:      
    • IP: the ping -s command (to LAN, ATM or NWIP addresses). Response time must be good.              
    • TFTP, FTP: Must be enabled all the way to the switches.              
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP): This is used to check stats master setup on the switches.

For more information refer to the collecting statistics portion of Cisco WAN manager user's guide.

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