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World IPv6 Day: Final 12 Hours Update from the TAC Support Trenches

I'm following up on my earlier post World IPv6 Day: First 12 Hours Update from the TAC Support Trenches to provide another update.

In the Cisco TAC, we have virtual and physical “World IPv6 Day War Rooms” set-up to provide the highest level of support. We want to take this opportunity to share the gathered lessons learned, and funnel those lessons learned to Engineering and others Cisco teams for product, process and services improvements.

The final 12 hours were quite similar to the first ones. In our major regional technical assistance centers across North and South America, only a few IPv6 related general cases were opened. However, none of these cases were related to World IPv6 Day!

While we go and catch up on our sleep World IPv6 Day has provided us few _very_ important data points:

  • It was an excellent well coordinated industry wide effort where major worldwide content providers and 300 other organizations including Cisco offered their content over IPv6 for a 24-hour period. Which by the way proved once again; “Even competitors can work together when it comes to a common positive goal.”
  • Hopefully World IPv6 Day results will motivate more organizations across the industry – Internet service providers, hardware and software vendors and content providers – and turn into simple business decision to prepare and offer their services on IPv6 to ensure a successful transition.
  • IPv6 doesn't seem to create a new undiscovered batch of technical cases or technical major issues.
  • Based on initial results; there is no noticeable increase in the volume in the Service Provider call-centers world-wide.
  • Providing DNS quad-A records does not mean “the end of the world”. Well, we kind of knew that, but the "uh our call centers will be inundated with excessive calls" was the argument which has been proven wrong.
  • These great results are without most people running Happy Eyeballs (only Chrome has a Happy Eyeballs-like algorithm), think about if a Happy Eyeballs-like algorithm implementation is widely adopted.

Stay tuned for more formal and detailed studies which will make it to the press and participating organizations websites in days to come.

In the meantime make sure you continue to be part of _post_ World IPv6 Day _IPv6_ activities (i.e. deploy and provide IPv6 services)!



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