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Configuration of DHCPv6 in Cisco IOS

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In this video, we will see how to configure the DHCPv6 server and client functionality on a Cisco router.

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Sivagami, very nice video. good job!

Very Informative Video. Thanks for contributing.

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Bien explicado el video.

Nice Video.

Learning Together.

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Really very informative video. Keep it up Sivagami...

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Really very helpful to understand and configure IPv6 Prefix Delegation support using DHCP.

eben cisco uses GNS3 ) Nice.

Cisco Employee

It should be specified that this is only for prefix delegation and not ip address assignment. The explanation of the difference between the 2 would have been nice

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Nice video.

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Thanks for sharing the video.

I have a issue that i am not able to have global IPv6 address on Client router s0/0 interface. Rest is working fine.

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The command "prefix-delegation" is not available to me.  Why not?


IPv6 DHCP configuration commands:
  address          IPv6 address allocation
  default          Set a command to its defaults
  dns-server       DNS servers
  domain-name      Domain name to complete unqualified host names
  exit             Exit from DHCPv6 configuration mode
  import           Import options
  information      Information refresh option
  link-address     Link-address to match
  nis              NIS server options
  nisp             NISP server options
  no               Negate a command or set its defaults
  sip              SIP server options
  sntp             SNTP server options
  vendor-specific  Configure Vendor-specific option

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Good one, thanks

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Pretty good!

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Great explanation, thank you!