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How To Configure InterVLAN Routing On Layer 3 Switches

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(view in My Videos)
In this video we will see an example of how to configure InterVLAN routing on a Cisco catalyst 3550 series switch.

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Please provide United States-based groups with presenters who have U. S. English as a primary language.  We had to rewind this vid several times at several points because the presenter had such a thick accent and was very difficult to understand.


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How doyou view theses videos?????

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Which video format is this? I cannot play the video.

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It uses Adobe Flash, should play in the browser.


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The setup looks straight-forward and the video is pretty easy to understand. However, the actual routing step (ip route is missing from the video. Including that and a better explaination of the routing would make this document and video much better.

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If you posted a diagram of the network setup, that'd be handy.  For example, which switch ports connect to which host?

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Crystel Clear presentation .

Even works with out default route. 

Thanks buddy.

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why he using no shut command after configuring switchport access vlan 2 or 3

there is no need on this 

you have use NO SHUT when you configuring interface VLAN 

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Great video!

Cisco Employee

Thank you so much!  This was super easy to follow!

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Great video and easy to follow.  The ip routing at the beginning was most helpful!

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I used Packet tracer to do the testing, however, the 'IP Routing" is not available in any switch in the Packet Tracer.

I do not have physical hardware available for the testing.

If we need this command "ip route", then do we have to have a router on the stub. if a router is needed, then why need layer 3 switch?


I find that need select Multi-Layer Switch in the Packet Tracer.

It is working now, no need "ip route" command, no need Router -on-Stick 

It just works.