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Understanding and troubleshooting of Nat address Translation( NAT) and IP Routing Protocol


(view in My Videos)

In this video our experts Manas R Moothedath & Sumit Kothiyal has covered following topics.

NAT – A Practical approach

1) Basic working of NAT
2) Different types of NAT
3) Typical NAT deployment scenarios
4) Best practices for NAT deployment

Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols – I

1) Why - Routing Protocols?
2) Types of Routing Protocols
3) Basic configuration and working of EIGRP
4) Basic configuration and working of OSPF

To watch session slide and Q&A,  Please click on following links:

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New Member

Great video, thanks Ashish!

New Member

Very detailed explanation about Nat, its great video and thank you so much for this....I would also request you to make some more videos about OSPF and BGP/EIGRP based on your experience and real time issues and best practices about these protocols......

New Member

Hi shirkar,

I had missed the above session due to unexpected emergency calls. I am unable to view the videos of the above session. Please upload them at the earliest for my better understandling and learning.