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3550 or 2950

Can someone give me a comparison between the 2950 and the 3550. I understand the 3550 has routing functions but is that all. I buy the EMI and I have been told to buy only 3550's from now on. If the 2950 have VLAN capabilities and we are not routing with it WHY?

Can someone help figure this one out.

New Member

Re: 3550 or 2950

I think the main reason would be that 2950s are older, meaning: less internal capacity, less advanced features, sooner ending of support by Cisco.

Of course, 3550s are more expensive. It's a price/performance matter: do you want or need a flexible high-end network and are willing to pay for it, or do you want a less fancy but cheaper network? It the latter case, you might as well buy non-Cisco switches - they're probably even cheaper.

New Member

Re: 3550 or 2950

Do you have more specifics on your network, how many VANs, hosts, etc.

The 2950 is limited to 64 active vlans while the 3550 supports 1005. The 2950 is a layer 2 switch, the 3550 is a switch and has a built in router.

It's very hard to figure out what features you are looking for without more information on the network they are meant to be a part of.


Re: 3550 or 2950


As u mentioned the 3550 has routing function, that itself will make big difference. Even though u have VLAN Capablities in 2950, if u required intervlan routing that can't be possible in 2950. U will require routing function(router or L3 Switches).....

So probably ur management might thought the price may worth going to high level series.

Rate if it does,


Re: 3550 or 2950

The 3550 is now almost EOS and you should buy either the 3560 or 3750 as it's replacement. For the equivilent model it should also be cheaper since Cisco are urging you to stop buying the 3550.

The 2950 is good if all you need is a simple Layer-2 switch. The VLAN limitations etc are not that relevent for a maximum 48-port switch.

The 2950 has limited QoS (the SI version has no policing or re-marking capabilites, the EI does). With the EI versions you can only police at 1Mb intervals on 10/100 port and any ACL's in a policy-map must have matching prefixes - i.e. you can't match a /24 subnet for some traffic and a /16 subnet for another. The EI also doesn't allow ranges of ports to be used in ACL's for your policy maps so matching RTP voice is not possible unless you use a more general 'ip any' type ACL.

The 3550 (& 2960, 2970, 3560 & 3750) can do all the above. With the 3550, 3560 & 3750 you can also route between VLAN's and with the EI software can run routing protocols (EIGRP, OSPF, ISIS & BGP). The EI software for the 3xxx also supports multicast routing between VLAN's (not available in the SI).



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