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3750G Monitor command not capturing data...

I am using Wireshark on a PC with a GBit interface and plugged into port gi1/0/1 - with monitor set up to look at port gi1/0/18 in VLAN Y - gi1/0/1 is in default VLAN 1. The only traffic that I can capture to/from my VLAN 1 address is when I ping from the switch to the address of the pc on on port 18. I can see all sorts of other broadcast traffic, but not the traffic of interest (beyond ping - want to capture traffic talking to a webserver).

Anyone experience problems with MONITOR on a 3750G or suggestions as to what might be causing my problem?



Re: 3750G Monitor command not capturing data...

Hi John,

I think the config is not correct as you are only recieving the Broadcast traffic and not the traffic transmitted/recieved at that particular interface.

Suppose if G0/18 is the port you want to monitor(both Rx/Tx) and G 0/1 is the port you are sending the traffic to, the commands would be -

monitor session 1 source interface gigabitethernet0/18 both

monitor session 1 destination interface gigabitethernet0/1

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Re: 3750G Monitor command not capturing data...

Thanks for the info -- but that is the config that I I will try some other things...

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