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New Member

403 Forbidden error

Hi People,

I seem to have another problem,when I try to access the Ciscoworks LMS server from the web browser after  logging in it displays the 403 forbidden error message as attached below.Please anyone with an idea on what could be possibly wrong should help me.


Cisco Employee

Re: 403 Forbidden error

Post the output of the pdshow command from the server as well as the NMSROOT/lib/classpath/ and NMSROOT/MDC/etc/regdaemon.xml files.

New Member

Re: 403 Forbidden error

Hi Jclarke,

Please find the attached for your further assistance.


Cisco Employee

Re: 403 Forbidden error

As I suspected, your service startup parameters have been modified which breaks LMS.  Post screenshots of your Services control panel showing all of the CiscoWorks services.  At the very least, it looks like the CiscoWorks Web Server service was set to Automatic when it must be Manual.

New Member

Re: 403 Forbidden error

Hi Jclarke,

I have attached the Screenshots for your further assistance.


Re: 403 Forbidden error

Like Joe stated, you need to revert the process back to their original settings .

CiscoWorks AniDatabase = Manual

CiscoWorks DaemonManager = Automatic

CiscoWorks RME NG Database = Manual

CiscoWorks Tomcat Server = Manual

CiscoWorks Web Server = Manual

CWAFEngine Database = Manual

CWCS CMF Database = Manual

CWCS rsh/rcp = Automatic

CWCS syslog = Automatic

CWCS tftp = Automatic

DFM dfmEpm Database = Manual

DFM dfmFh Database = Manual

DFM dfmInv Database = Manual

All the services need to be in the correct state for CiscoWorks LMS start up correctly. The daemonManager calls for all the services to start in a specific order otherwise you will get error encountered. After you make the changes, reboot your server so the process can startup correctly.


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