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857W no SDM/Console access after reconfigure

Hello all,

I just recently updated the running config (didn't save it) on an 857W router at one of my company's branch offices. After applying the updated config, the router went down and never came back up. All lights were indicating as they should, but it was not at the IP address assigned to it, and I could not find it on any of addresses I thought might be defaults. The router is also our ADSL modem, so I had limited internet access to try to diagnose the issue.

Attached I have a recent copy of the config file. This is the config as it looked before I updated the running config (thru SDM). That means that this should be the startup config that the router failed on. Does anyone see anything cataclysic in this config that would've caused the router to suicide?

Also, I was not able to even pull up the *console* of the router (using the included console->serial adapter). I attempted to pull up the console using putty with the default settings, no dice. I tried resetting the router while listening on the console port, nothing at all. At this point, the only thing that indicates the router is at all alive is the little "OK" light. It's possible that there was some problem with the serial port of the computer I was using, but I only had one to test with. Is it worth trying this again?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. After being quoted $400 for one-time support from Cisco, I have pretty much sworn off their products in the future, but I'd like to get as much use out of this one as I can before I replace it with something more reliable.

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