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I recently configured my home PC to dual boot with XP and Suse 10.0 Linux. It actually works very nice and is LOADED with sofware toys.

Before I get to the problem let me say this: I have Verizon DSL with a Westell VersaLink 327W router.

Here's the problem I'm having- I can boot to XP and access with no problems. However, when I boot to linux, I can't get to the link. I also have a Ubuntu Live CD that you insert in your CD drive, boot up and your running linux. I can't get to the link booted to either linux OS. I've posted on some other forums and most people don't have problems getting there but one guy did.

From what he is telling me, if the router makes the PPP connection he can't get there but if he configures the PC or linux to make the PPP connection he CAN get there. He's running a different version of linux and isn't sure how to configure Suse linux this way.

Has anyone else came across this or know anyone who has?

Thanks for any input.

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