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Adding ip addresses to 3750 stack members

We have a 3750 stacked with 7 members. I am looking for a way to monitor all 7 members. Recently stack 2 failed and caused all members below it to fail. We were not notified because the stack master was still up. I would like to add ip addresses to each stack member so that when that ip address is no longer available, we will receive notification. Currently, we use Solarwinds to monitor. I was able to get into each stack with the session command, but you cannot get into config mode. I'm guessing that it is not possible to assign ip's to each stack, but I am looking for confirmation of this. These switches are in a full ring configuration; however, one of the connections was already down when stack 2 failed so the ring was broken.


Re: Adding ip addresses to 3750 stack members

AFAIK you can't configure each switch with an IP. I would think that the master would send an SNMP trap/log of the failed switch. You could use SW to alert you on that. We use out-of-band managers and we connect each switch to a separate console so we can access each switch independently and see what's going on in case of a failure.

Hope that helps.

Re: Adding ip addresses to 3750 stack members

From IOS release 12.2(25)SEE and higher for the 3750 there is the Stackwise MIB that can be

used to monitor stack status. That is a simpler solution than providing ip addresses to every stack member : stack 1 (1/0/x)... stack n (n/0/x).

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