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Aironet 1200 AP Rommon / Disco Lights Problem

Hi there community - 

Apologies,  I'm a total noob.  Just learning about all this, fumbling my way through the millions of pages of info out there.  Sorry if this is too wordy, I'm trying to put as much info here as possible...


So I've bought a 1200 Series AP second hand.  It appears that it was installed in a business foyer, initially the SSID was Physio Reception or something like that.  I've spent hours trying to configure it to my own purposes and keep hitting brick walls.


The best info I have is the following - 

When in stand alone mode, CLI says it has no IP.

When an IP is served to it by a DHCP server, CLI comes up with the error - *Mar  1 00:21:44.614: %CAPWAP-3-ERRORLOG: Could Not resolve CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER  which is the point at which all 3 colours of LED start flashing in sequence and it won't respond.  

Pinging it works ok, it seems stuck on even when in disco mode.

I can't access the configuration GUI through a web browser, or connect to it with Cisco Network Assistant.

I can see what it is doing with terminal CLI (connected with a console cable), and issue commands but most of the information I've gleaned from hours of searching is either not relevant to this AP or just plain doesn't work and I get command errors.

I've done the Cisco reset thing, powering on the unit while holding the mode button  (both ways - so its amber and so its red) but it still looks for the LWAPP controller whatever that it.


So yep.  I've either bought a paper weight or something can be done about this.  If anyone out there would be so kind as to explain like I'm five how to reflash it or something so I can reconfigure it I'd be forever in your debt.... Can repay the favour with emails of cute kittehs.  And stuff.


I just want to plug it into a router and have it become a node.  With a fixed IP address.  And a password.  How hard can this be?


FYI I'm running OX 10 Mavericks on a Macbook pro (sorry!), and have a USB - serial adaptor which is allowing me to see the console output.


Sigh.  Getting bored of this now.  Many thanks in advance for help.







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Hello, It is looking for the



It is looking for the LWAPP controller. Cisco has several hardware based devices, but I have recently used their VMware ova image with good results. Normally, dhcp is used to pass controller information to the device. You can manually point to the controller with an lwapp command. You may be better of converting the access point back to autonomous. Procedure is a little involved and you would need access to the TAC to get the image. Briefly, you file both the file system and nvram, this returns you to an ap> prompt. Then load the new image via TFTP. Let me know if you want the full procedure..



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Hey David, many thanks for

Hey David, many thanks for your reply.  I'd kinda given up hope but popped back one last time and there you were - 

If you have a detailed instruction sheet for how to perform this operation with a windows XP machine, that would be amazing.  I've read the instructions about how to break the process when its loading the flash image but I've never been able to make it break, either on XP or mac in a terminal window...

basically, ELI5.  Thanks so much in advance, much appreciated.



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hello, Sorry for the delay.



Sorry for the delay..

first off, you should be able to break the ios boot with either an esc or a ctrl C. that will put you into rmon mode. if that doesn't work you can push the reset button at startup and it will set the Ethernet port to plug your computer directly into the 1231 and set the computers ip address before doing this you want to download solarwind's free tftp server. your want to put the ios file in the c:\tftp_root directory.

give me a little while and I give you the syntax for the tftp command to use.


Do you have a blue console cable to plug into the serial port of the 1231.




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Hey David - Great, all sounds

Hey David - 

Great, all sounds perfectly do-able.  Yes I have a console cable, rad.  Thanks so much for your help, fingers crossed I can make this work :)


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Hi,  been on vacation...take

Hi,  been on vacation...take a look at this and see if it makes sense..ignore the stuff about their tftp server. the solar winds free tftp works fine.


do you have access the Cisco TAC??. you will need to get an autonomous image.

I am completely confident that you can get this working..been working with aironets for 10 years now. we just purchased some lightweight access points and cisco's virtual wireless lan controller makes management of multiple access points a breeze. direct email is

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here is a link for the image

here is a link for the image if you can't get it..

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