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Alarm on LMS

I could not clearly understand the alarm generated by LMS, it is some what about the tempearature, but it is not very much clear:

ALERT ID = 00000RT

TIME = Wed 14-Oct-2009 09:41:52 EST

STATUS = Active

SEVERITY = Critical


MANAGED OBJECT TYPE = Switches and Hubs

EVENT DESCRIPTION = [Chassis 2 module 5 asic-3 temperature Sensor-Chassis 2 module 5 asic-3 temperature Sensor]:OutOfRange; [Chassis 2 module 9 outlet temperature Sensor-Chassis 2 module 9 outlet temperature Se

CUSTOMER IDENTIFICATION = Custom Notification Group


Can any one explain me these alarm messages, or where I can get the detail of each Alert ID.

Cisco Employee

Re: Alarm on LMS

That's because this is an alert. The alerts don't contain any useful details. For those, you need to look at the events within the alert. If you're only sending alerts as notifications, then you're missing a lot. I typically recommend to customers that they do not check any of the boxes for alerts when defining their notification groups. Instead, check the events boxes.

For now, if you click on this alert ID in DFM Alerts and Activities Display, you will see the related events. If you click on those event IDs, you will get the specific details.

In general, an OutOfRange event means that a sensor is reporting a higher or lower value than is allowed.

Community Member

Re: Alarm on LMS

Thanks for your reply. I would appreciate if you can provide a little more step by step detail for configuring alerts, and where to check the event boxes, as I did not find it.

Best Regards,

Cisco Employee

Re: Alarm on LMS

Go to DFM > Notification Services > Notification Groups, and edit your notification group. Make sure none of the boxes under Alerts are checked, but definitely make sure the Event boxes are checked. That way, your notifications will only be for events, and those should contain the full details that you would see if you drilled into an event in AAD.

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