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alternative to Network Magic?

I have a small network; 1 PC (Toshiba(TOSH) first to have  NM Pro & Vista) three PC's (the kids, each with different OSs -XP-Vista - Win 7) and now I have a new Macbook Pro, with OSX 10.7.2 LION, which I HAVE to use for work and school. I gave TOSH to wife who does not want to give it back and won't monitor network, (bummer-still stuck with job, thought would go to wife with TOSH) I have Network Magic on my Mac running under Vista (parallels). I can see the full network (map) on TOSH, but not on Mac (I assume because of parallels running virtual machine) I need something similar to Network Magic that I can install on my Mac to manage the network, so I can throw off the kids if they are getting into wrong things, plus I need to keep intruders out. I am wondering if there is any software out there that will give me the tools I need. I am new to networks, but have been computer user since 1975 and have built custom PC's  back in the day (286-386-pentium) but am new to networking. I really need help before wife gets mad because kids are getting out of hand and letting boyfriends and girlfriends on network. Yeah I can change my network password, but that gets old when having to do it daily. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance

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