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Amazing Problem with default Route injection in OSPF

We have an amazing problem going on in our network . Our gateway router is a cisco 7200 series router, below it are many 3600 routers. We have two upstream providers . One week back suddenly it so happened one of our maintainenace staff pulled out the power cord of the gateway 7200 router accidentally. After the router rebooted suddenly we happened to face an amazing problem. The default route was not propagated to routers below the 7200 routers . We had to add manually static routes in every routers. We then removed the default-information originate always command in gateway router and shifted the command to one of the 3600 routers below the 7200 router and also pointed a default route to our gateway router. Now the routers below are starting to receive the propagated routes. We also tried to reboot the Gateway 7200 router in a proper fashion and reverted back the default information originate command to the gateway but again the same problem is continuing. We have reverted to 3600 router as a solution but the CPU usage of 3600 router is turning extremely high. Need a Solution immediately

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Re: Amazing Problem with default Route injection in OSPF


As far as I understand after understanding your topology, you should **HAVE** the routes in routing table as it was working fine. Are there any chances of configuration not written i.e. changes were made and not written in startup config?.

I am not sure whether there are some static routes in CORE router 7200; If that is the case, you may consider using commands:

redistribute connected subnets

redistribute static subnets

Please provide the configuration of core and 3600 router (after removing password and SNMP string).

Also verify the output of "show if OSPF database" for sequence number as reboot cause sequence no algorithm to be started again..

Hope this will help you in troubleshooting.



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