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New Member

Another Syslog Problem

I have recently installed Cisco C-Class enclosures with Cisco 3120 switches in them.

I'm getting tons of interface up/down syslog messages and I'm not able to stop them:

Sep 1 12:49:58.402: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface GigabitEthernet1/0/3, changed state to down

I did the following:

1. I enabled the message filter in syslog set to drop the up/down syslog

2. I turned off interface logging by using the interface command "no logging event link-status"

Now if I do show log in the switch I don't see any messages on the console but message to my syslog_info file are constantly

growing and also appear in the syslog 24 hour and standard report. How do I stop these messages from seeing in syslog?

Cisco Employee

Re: Another Syslog Problem

Post the full config from this switch as well as a screenshot of the RME Syslog Message Filters screen.

New Member

Re: Another Syslog Problem

Here is the config and scren shot.

Cisco Employee

Re: Another Syslog Problem

Set Include interfaces of selected devices to Yes, and the filter should be effective. As for why the messages are still being sent, I cannot say. The config appears to be correct.

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