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Archive Management Config Fetch fails for Aironet 1231

When performing a config fetch job for Aironet 1231 (IOS), it fails when using tftp as the transport protocol. All other devices are properly retrieved.

This appears to be a bug or a lack of support for the 1231. The SNMP RO and RW strings are correct. Has anyone else see this?



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Re: Archive Management Config Fetch fails for Aironet 1231

Hi Jeff,

I've experienced this before, and opened a TAC Case for it. The solution was as follows:

1. Try removing the AP from the RME and adding it again.

2. Try increasing the SNMP Timeout value of RME.

Good luck,


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Re: Archive Management Config Fetch fails for Aironet 1231

To close this issue out:

It turns out the issue was a Layer 2 firewall.

Although we were using TFTP as the transport protocol, and had permitted it in the firewall, the firewall only permits TFTP on destination port 69. Unfortunately, when LMS does archive management using TFTP, it employs the following sequence (just the relevant part):

1) SNMP_set (which was permitted through the firewall). Note that this initiates the TFTP Write request from the AP

2) TFTP Write request from AP. This write request comes from an arbitrary high numbered source port and is destinted for UDP port 69.

3) LMS responds from port 69 to the arbitrary high port.

4) Firewall blocks this ACK because it doesn't know this port ahead of time.

TFTP transfer fails because AP never hears back from LMS that it's okay to transfer config.

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