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Audit all input output of a switch

Sometimes our network lag and i thing there is a computer making this problem. i'd like to audit all input output of all port of a Catalyst 1900. all i manage to do is to enter to the console menu via Telnet.. once here, i try monitoring but i'm afraid to do a bad thing :

     Catalyst 1900 - Main Menu

     [C] Console Settings

     [S] System

     [N] Network Management

     [P] Port Configuration

     [A] Port Addressing

     [D] Port Statistics Detail

     [M] Monitoring

     [B] Bridge Group

     [R] Multicast Registration

     [F] Firmware

     [I] RS-232 Interface

     [U] Usage Summaries

     [H] Help

     [X] Exit Management Console

Enter Selection:

if anyone have an idea..

New Member

Re: Audit all input output of a switch

ok, from here I manage to find where I can see wich PC have a high trafic.

[D] Port Statistics Detail

Identify Port:  1 to 24[1-24], [AUI], [A], [B]:
Select [1 - 24, AUI, A, B]:

[R] reset, wait some seconds and if port ok -> [N] next port until i found the port not good. once found,  [A] Port adressing -> get the MAC adress. with DHCP and MAC Adress, i get IP Adress and the username..

well well.. is there a way to have a global view instead of select port 1 to 24 ? (does anyone know an other way to find this ?)

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Re: Audit all input output of a switch

well done with [U] usage Summaries and [U] Utilization Statistic Report or [A] port adressing report

with console command, the show mac-address-table display all mac adress per port. if there's multiple mac adress for one port, the command show cdp neighbor detail display wich switch is connected to this port..

well done guys, thx anyway, hope this topic help someone ^^

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