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Automatic Register Router / Switches in DNS


Is there a way either natively or via TCL to make the Router / Switching platforms register their own A records against an insecure DNS zone? Even better would be the option to provide credentials so they could do secure updates. The goal is to accomplish the following:

  • Configure router or switch with domain name
  • Have it create as an A record.
  • Should the router name change it should update it’s record.

This to remove the burden of having to manually enter and maintain all the A records of the network equipment. If you have any ideas or another way of doing it by all means please share.

Thank you.

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This is exactly what we're

This is exactly what we're looking at the moment. HP iLOs can do that even with the static IP addresses, while Cisco can't? That sounds like a huge limitation to me. Why do I want to a) maintain all these A records manually and b) use DHCP to assign IP addresses to routers (as a workaround).

Has anyone found the way to auto-register to AD DNS using static IP assignment?

I understand this post is 6yo old, but... still can't find the answer.

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