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backup 2950 for 2960


i want to save all the configuration from a cisco 2950 with 2 optical fibers active,to put this one in a cisco 2960. is it possible?

if yes, how?

Can you explain me how to do that?

I want all, his flash and his configuration.

Thanks a lot

Cisco Employee

Re: backup 2950 for 2960

You can copy the running config from the 2950 to TFTP using the "copy" command. For example:

copy running tftp://

You can then modify the 2950.cfg file on the TFTP server, then copy it to the new 2960. For example:

copy tftp:// running

You can use the copy command to copy other files on flash: as well to TFTP. However, the config file will be the most useful. For VLANs, I recommend manually entering the data on the new 2960. While you can try copying the vlan.dat from the 2950 to the 2960, there have been some issues in the past with copying vlan.dat across switch types.

New Member

Re: backup 2950 for 2960

Thanks for your message,

but how can i save the vlan.dat from the 2950?

other question if is possible,

how can i configure the 2960 for he links his Gb port with another cisco 2950.

Because i ve 2 switches 1 2950 1 2960, i want to link them with optical fiber, but it doesn't work.


Cisco Employee

Re: backup 2950 for 2960

You can copy the vlan.dat from the 2950 to a TFTP server with:

copy flash:vlan.dat tftp

However, restoring it to the 2960 may be problematic. If you run into issues restoring the VLAN/VTP data, you will need to manual configure the vlan database on the 2960.

I don't understand the second question. If you're asking how to connect a 2950 to a 2960 with gig links, you just need to connect a fiber cable between the two. Set both ports to be switchports, and the link should come up. If not, then perhaps you have a bad cable or bad GBIC.

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