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backup entire flash content

Hi to all,

i need to backup all the files inside the flash of the router and i want know if exist some tool or something that perform this task automatically.

Thanks and best regards,

Carlo S.


Re: backup entire flash content

You can define the following comands in your router and download all files include IOS image from the flash via ftp client program in your PC.

ip ftp username abc

ip ftp password 123

ftp-server enable

ftp-server topdir flash:

Community Member

Re: backup entire flash content are right but the uc520 i don't know why don't support this command and it have the last release of ios...

If the ftp server isn't supported what can i do?

Why windows don't read the file system of the compact flash? mmmh i must consider the option of the reader is broken...but it can read 2gb normal compact flash and cannot read 128mb cisco compact flash?!?It's strange.

Thank you for the help and best regards,

Carlo Sagratella.

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