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backup/restore LMS questions

I want to move my LMS2.5.1 installation from windows 2003 Standard Edition SP1 to Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1. And then upgrade LMS to the latest 2.6.

For that, I setup a test machine with windows 2003 Enterprise, and I have 2 scenarios to proceed, and subsequently 2 questions:

1. I install LMS2.5.1 with the same patches on the test platform, and backup the data from the production box, and restore it on the test machine. The only difference between the two boxes would be the windows version. One is 2003 standard, the other is 2003 Enterprise. And my question is: Would the different windows versions affect the restore process and mess it up?

2. As my final goal is to have LMS2.6 running on windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1, I can install LMS2.6 directly on my win 2003 Enterprise testing platform, and restore the LMS2.5.1 database on LMS2.6 directly. However, here my question would be: if that is possible, and if it can be done smoothly without problems?

So, which way do you propose is the safest to go?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: backup/restore LMS questions

1. No. You can even restore between 2000 and 2003. You cannot restore between Windows and Solaris, however. After the restore, you may have to perform the hostname change procedure as documented in the Common Services User Guide.

2. You can't install LMS 2.6 directly. You must install 2.5.1 first, then install 2.6. Given that there have been a few restore bugs fixed in 2.6, it might be better to do the restore once 2.6 is installed.

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