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Bandwidth Interface Command

Hi All,

I was asked to configure the bandwidth on our CE router interfaces for SNMP monitoring and polling.

I would like to know if this command is necessary to accurately reflect the bandwidth on our NMS.

I know the bandwidth command has no bearing or have no effect on the actual speed/throughput since we don't use any dynamic routing protocol. We only use a default static route towards the ISP router.

Below is what I did on a 1941:

int g0/0

bandwidth 20000 >>> 20 meg MetroE

int g0/1

bandwidth 1000000 >>> 1 Gig LAN port

Appreciate if someone can provide a useful link to justify this to our team. Thanks in advance!

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Bandwidth Interface Command

Hi John,

Yes for NMS to reflect the true picture of the link, you need to configure bandwidth manually on the interface.

It is because, your NMS doesn't have any way to know whats the real bandwidth of the link.

Now when your NMS server polls the device for utilization it will give the output which can be either too high or too low as comapre to default bandwidth of the interface.



Re: Bandwidth Interface Command

Hi Smitesh,

Thanks for your feedback! Any link that would concur on this? So far I only see links which explains the bandwidth command used for metric for dynamic routing protocols.

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Bandwidth Interface Command

Hi John,

There might be some doc, but I'm not aware of the same.

I have  personally come across this issue in my past organization and hence knew what the issue was and how we fixed it.



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