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BBSM 5.3 SP2 - layer 3 mode - freeze problem

We had defined many routers into the BBSM, each of them matching a specific client class C subnet. On that router we defined a null switch. That setup used to work well except BBSM becoming to take more and more CPU when we had a router.

To ease the configuration and lower the ressource utilization on the BBSM, we want to create only one big router for which we will associate a client class B subnet. Doing that we specified that the router won't support SNMP so the BBSM won't try to find out the Mac-address (will use ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff instead which is fine).

The problem is that when we defined the router and the class B associate to it, the BBSM freeze up (SQL taking all the CPU and BBSM going into initialization). I suspect that it is a too big number for a BBSM box !?

Does someone have any clues ?


Re: BBSM 5.3 SP2 - layer 3 mode - freeze problem

What software release are you using in the BBSM ?

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Re: BBSM 5.3 SP2 - layer 3 mode - freeze problem

BBSM release 5.3 SP2

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