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BBSM and XP taking an age to logon.

A customer of ours has run into an issue with their BBSM setup and Windows XP.

When the wireless is enabled and they try to logon (to the domain) it can take up to 30mins to logon. (It eventually uses the cached credentials.) If the wireless is switched off then XP quickly logs on using the cached credentials.

The users are trying to logon to the domain, however no domain servers are available as this is the Guest VLAN. However the BBSM’s default behaviour is to respond to DNS requests with it’s IP address, constantly telling the XP client that it’s the AD server.

If the wireless is active then because the laptops have GPOs that say they can’t logon until the AD has authenticated them, ( they go through a long process of trying to query all the cached AD servers. (And in this case there are many. many AD servers.)

Looking at a packet capture we see the following.

.Client .............. BBSM

[] .........[]

[DNS Request for AD_Server1] -->

<-- [DNS Response ‘AD_Server1 =’]

[SAM logon request] -->

<-- [ICMP Destination unreachable (Port Unreachable)]

......... [Wait for quite a few seconds.]

[DNS Request for AD_Server2] -->

<-- [DNS Response ‘AD_Server2 =’]

[SAM logon request] -->

<-- [ICMP Destination unreachable (Port Unreachable)]

..................... [ etc… ]

I think there are three options:

1 – Disable wireless until the user is logged on. (Easy with most new laptops that have external buttons.)

2 – Disable ”Client for Microsoft Networks” under the wireless connection profile. * Cisco recommended solution. (Not ok if this is needed elsewhere.)

3 – Enable the Microsoft XP “Fast Logon Optimization feature” -

However none of these options are acceptable to the customer. They contest that when the same user tries to logon at Starbucks they don’t have an issue so the BBSM is at fault?

Has anyone seen this before? Can anyone offer any advice? I see reference on CCO to this being a common issue with XP and the solution being disable the “MS Client” however this would mean having non-technical users disabling the MS client on some WLANs and re-enabling on others. Not an option.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: BBSM and XP taking an age to logon.

I think you are hitting CSCsb87734. Try the workaround suggested.

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