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BBSM backup

Our BBSM v5.3 is ready and working. I would like to have a copy (image) of complete

BBSM server (with Norton Ghost for example)

and daily database backup.

For total image i know how to do but i am not sure for daily backups.

It is important for me to have daily DB backup because we did sold a lot of AccessCode tickets and it would be very

bad if from some reasons this database disappear.

Thank you for any guide info.

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Re: BBSM backup

You have couple of options to backup BBSM data and recovery:

1) Stop SQL Server and copy the C:\ATCOM\DATA folder to a media capable of holding this folder. Build the new server (if applicable) with the same name and

setup as the original, then place the contents copied earlier in the same location. The C:\ATCOM\EKGNKM folder should also be copied in the

same way. Caution: The new server must match the same software version and patches as the original server!!!!

2) You can also backup the database by exporting the most important tables. The port mappings are stored withing Port_Map table in AtDial database. So you can perform exportof Port_Map and Switches tables to text files and import the files after BBSM


Here is the procedure:

Export tables to txt files and place files somewhere safe:


bcp AtDial..Port_Map out c:\portmap.txt -c -T

bcp AtDial..Switches out c:\switches.txt -c -T

after upgrade import the files:


bcp AtDial..Port_Map in c:\portmap.txt -c -T

bcp AtDial..Switches in c:\switches.txt -c -T

Please note procedure mentioned above will only copy portmap and switches. If you use AccessCodes it will be necessary to backup table


3)A lot of our customer also use the Norton Ghost utility to make an identical copy of


In either way I strongly suggest to make backup of C:\ATCOM\DATA and

C:\ATCOM\EKGNKM before reinstalling and place it somewhere safe.

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