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Best management cisco software

Hello guys!!!

What is the best software for alarms, graphic about network loads and device management?For cisco devices only!!!

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Re: Best management cisco software

There's no one size fits all.

Cisco's enterprise class solution is CiscoWorks LMS: It's a very full featured configuration and fault management tool. It's performance management capabiliites are lacking in areas most folks are looking for and many CiscoWorks shops often end up using a third party tool such as MRTG (open source) or Solarwinds for performance monitoring. LMS will set you back on the order of US$20,000.

A small Cisco-only shop may get by with Cisco Network Assistant, a rudimentary tool with limited device support. See the product data sheet for details: The price is right - free

Solarwinds ( and Whats Up Professional ( are two good third party tols that many folks use happily. Solarwinds runs about $3-4,000 once you buy all the components and What's Up about $2-3,000.

Re: Best management cisco software

you could also have a look at REALTECH theGuard (vendor independant). With its newest release it also has a web gui and config management.

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Re: Best management cisco software

Thank you guys for the feedback.

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Re: Best management cisco software

Some could have mentioned this product; HP-OV NNM

If you can afford it, then it is almost the standard Network management software : Moreover, you can adopt it with your environment (250 nodes and more..)

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