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Best way to implement QoS on a Cisco 1841 Router

We recently purchased a Cisco 1841 to handle office connectivity to the internet through a T1 Circuit. Ever since the router was installed I have been monitoring S0/0 through SDM and have noticed that it gets maxed out during peak hours due to internet streaming, video conferencing etc. Now, I know 1.5Mbps is not a lot of bandwidth but I want to implement a fair use policy so that people can still stream but it will not slow everyone else down by doing so. What is the best way to go about doing this?


Re: Best way to implement QoS on a Cisco 1841 Router

Create a policy to mark each class of traffic with the appropriate priority values (use differentiated services control point (DSCP) or IP Precedence). The traffic will be marked as it comes into the router on the ingress interface. The markings will be used to treat the traffic as it leaves the router on the egress interface.

Create class-maps for video and data (in case if you want to give some guarantee for your data traffric as well you can use the data class or you can have the config without the data class if you want).

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