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best way to manage remote routers

i need to manage some remote routers that are in private LAN with no access to the internet. can I set up a computer that's connected to a router on one end, and phone line on the other end? such that I can dial into that computer, and from that computer telnet into the routers?

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Re: best way to manage remote routers

Yes that is one way of doing it, you can also hook up an modem (external type) to a serial port and get to it that way.

PC has an advantage of being able to house a TFTP server, and FTP server etc....

Drop the config to the FTP server on the PC, uploaded it via TFTP. Or better yet, edit it the config right from the box, and up load it that way.

PCs also have all the disadvantages associated with PCs and access and exploits used against them. Though limited in this case.

I use out-of band here to be the only way I allow access to my PIX, all other admin access methods are turned off. If you are worried about War-dialing etc... You can have the phone company add an access group to that phone number. Use the PC software to provide stronger access and possibly encryption etc....

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