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New Member

Block a website...

Hi all,

We have CISCO 3925 router in our organization.

We need to block the access of certain websites such as facebook,orkut,youtube etc...

Pls suggest how to do it using CLI or cisco configuration professional.

Thanks in advance...

New Member

Block a website...

Please any help....

Hall of Fame Super Silver

Block a website...

If you have the Security license, you can setup the IOS Zone Based Firewall using CCP.

The default policy is to allow any from private zone to public. Just use the wizard to change that. Details are in the CCP user guides - look for the section on URL Filtering.

New Member

Block a website...

Thanks for your reply...

But we dont have the license...

How could we do it then...

Thanks once again...

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Block a website...

Sorry but if you don't have a firewall there's no way you can easily enforce this using just a 3925 router.

If you control the user's desktops, you could possibly do a hack using your DNS server - e.g. redirect the DNS lookups for those sites to an Acceptable Use Policy page. If users can change their DNS though that wouldn't help too much.

If the enforcement of your pollicy is important to your organization, investment in the tools (license or product) to do so must be made.

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