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Block Url

I have Pix 515E i have a specfic url that i want to block. I relaize i can instal a server like websense or the like but i feel that is overkill to just block this 1 url. Is there a rule i can add in to the pix to not allow to go to that site? I don't care if the ie error comes up or it redirects somewhere else. Please advise Thank you


Re: Block Url

In your internet router, you can send the IP to null0. That would block the IP, not just the URL.

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Re: Block Url

Since the pix sits as the last piece of equipment it technially also routes the internet traffic so is there a specfic command i can issue to block the ip?

Re: Block Url

A couple of choices then. You could route that specific IP to somewhere else (not suggested) or create a more specific Deny statement in your ACL blocking port(s) to the IP.

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