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C2950 storm-control & errdisable recovery

The behaviours of "storm-control action shutdown" between C2950 and C2960 seems not the same, please note the following:


C2950#show log

Mar 10 11:22:36.312 C2950: %STORM_CONTROL-2-SHUTDOWN: Storm control shut down FastEthernet0/18

Mar 10 11:22:48.312 C2950: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface FastEthernet0/18, changed state to administratively down

(Interface status changed to Admin Down)


C2960#show log

Mar 11 13:44:48 C2960 16310: Mar 11 13:44:48.223 C2960: %PM-4-ERR_DISABLE: storm-control error detected on Fa0/22, putting Fa0/22 in err-disable state

Mar 11 13:44:49 C2960 16311: Mar 11 13:44:48.231 C2960: %STORM_CONTROL-3-SHUTDOWN: A packet storm was detected on Fa0/22. The interface has been disabled.

(Interface status changed to Err-disable)

As I found in the cisco web command reference, it said C2950 ports status should be changed to err-disable, but actually it change to "Admin down", is it I overlook somethings?

Also, there seems no command for "errdisable recovery cause broadcast" in C2950 switch too, is it C2950 IOS don't support this feature?

C2950#show errdisable recovery

ErrDisable Reason Timer Status

----------------- --------------

udld Enabled

bpduguard Enabled

security-violatio Enabled

channel-misconfig Enabled

vmps Enabled

pagp-flap Enabled

dtp-flap Enabled

link-flap Enabled

psecure-violation Enabled

gbic-invalid Enabled

dhcp-rate-limit Enabled

unicast-flood Enabled

loopback Enabled

Timer interval: 600 seconds

(No broadcast feature included?)

Since I would like to apply the same broadcast control to both switches (high broadcast=> port changes to err-disable=> port recovery) are there any methods or workaround for me applying C2950 also?

New Member

Re: C2950 storm-control & errdisable recovery

Excessive traffic has been detected on a port that has been configured to be shut down if a storm event is detected in the physical interface. The amount of traffic detected on the interface has exceeded the configured threshold values. Since the interface is configured to shutdown if a packet storm event is detected, it has been placed in an error-disabled state is the affected interface.

Recommended Action:

You can enable error-disabled recovery by using the errdisable recovery global configuration command to automatically re-enable the interface. You should determine and fix the root cause of the excessive traffic on the interface.

For further information click this link.

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Re: C2950 storm-control & errdisable recovery

Thanks Bwalchez. But can I do the same thing with C2950 switch? Since I found the port status is changed to "shutdown" rather than "err-disable" in C2950 switch. Also there has no "errdisable recovery" command for broadcast like C2960.

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