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Cable modem not passing init(rc) stage

We have a CMTS (7200's) with 6 test modems(different brands) on it and none of them could get past init(rc) boot up stage and go to next stage which is init(d). In the debug output we're seeing that modems are making dhcp requests but nothing happens past that. We can reach CNR from cmts with no problems. We have CNR running solaris.

It is pretty simple setup but Cisco's website and others have limited documentation on modems gettting stuck between init(rc) and init(d). Does anyone has any ideas on what could've caused it? So modems are passing ranging requests and getting stuck in init(rc) right before dhcp lease.

Any help on this is appreciated.


Re: Cable modem not passing init(rc) stage

This one looks like a hardware issue and needs to be replaced. Contact the vendor and ask for a replacement. That is the only workaround for avoiding this error.


Re: Cable modem not passing init(rc) stage

Here is an excellent document on troubleshooting cable modems coming online.

I would say if you are unable to move past init(rc) - ranging complete - I would first verify that there is indeed a cable-helper address on the CMTS to push DHCP broadcasts to the CNR server. The troubleshooting instructions in the above document should help you narrow the problem down.

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Re: Cable modem not passing init(rc) stage

Thank you all for your help.

We did have cable-helper address and was reachable.

Found out that the problem was with one of the cards.Not really sure what exactly was the problem. Might be upstream port. We had another card installed and it worked fine.

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