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Call Manager Performance Monitoring Via EMC SMARTS VoIP Manager

I posted this in the VoIP forum but didn't get a response so maybe I will have better luck here.

I want to use EMC SMARTS VoIP Perf manager (A OEM of Prognosis VoIP Manager)  to monitor our small but  soon to grow larger  Cisco VoIP  deployment.  The voice group at our company currently outsources VoIP billing to a 3rd party company.  The 3rd party billing outsourcing service provider had our VoIP group set CDR File Time Interval on our single Call Manager Cluster to 1440 and every day the 24 hr CDR data file generated at midnight is securely transfered to the 3rd party. The 3rd party billing service provider wants only one file per day and not several.

Now EMC SMARTS VoIP Performance  Manager user guide says it needs the Call Manager cluster configured so File Time Interval is set to 2 minutes. The VoIP group is afraid this will generate hundreds of small CDR data files which would be unacceptable for our current billing service provider. 

Hence we are stuck at the moment in trying to get our EMC SMARTS VoIP Perf Manager deployment going.  I don't really have a test box yet that we can use since what is available by our Voice Group is being used for other tests.  But since I am impatient for some knowledge I am posting the following questions to pick the experience of others for some answers on the following questions I have.

1) If we enable CDR File Time Interval = 2 instead of 14400 on the Call Manager Cluster will multiple CDR files be generated for each 2 minute interval of the day  or will just one CDR file be generated ?

2) If only one CDR data file is generated per day, what affect will setting CDR File Time Interval = 2 rather than 1440 have on the data ?  Will there now be multiple entries in the single data file for all calls that overlapped any 2 minute period ?

3) If multiple 2 minute cdr data files are generated, is there any way to configure the Call Manager to still produce a 24 hour data file with only a single call record per call as is currently produced with CDR File Time Interval set to 1440 ?

thx in advance to anyone who can enlighten me on this.

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