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Campus 4.0.4 SP 4 Topoplogy view unreachables devices

Since the upgrade I noticed that in Campus topology view the groups: Campus - System Defined Groups - All Unreachable Devices is always empty. Despite many unreachable devices.

Anybody seeing this behaviour too?

Seems the upgrade has corrupted the cfm database. Is there a way to fix this?




Re: Campus 4.0.4 SP 4 Topoplogy view unreachables devices

Hi Michel,

what you wrote in this thread is important I think:

the error message you found should be a good hint for the developers to start with!

I found the same on a fresh installation of LMS 2.5.1(Dec2005 updates included in the CDs) on solaris platform with CM sp4 installed.

I do not know what the reason for the failure is but if you do a SQL query in the dbreader interface against the table CampusOgsGroupPropertiesTable in the CMF database it will return an empty page.

But the table is indeed not empty if you open it through "Get Database Tables".

But if you exclude the following 3 columns from the query, it is successfull:

CreationTime (bigint)

LastEvaluatedTime (bigint)

LastModificationTime (bigint)

Perhaps these columns are new with sp4 for CM and the application cant deal with them...

So I think you hit (another?) Bug we installed with SP4 for CM...

Hope we don´t have to wait for a long time that SP5 for CM will be released :-). I am really looking forward on SP4 for RME and DFM and the fixes they have included and Bugs you can install




Re: Campus 4.0.4 SP 4 Topoplogy view unreachables devices

Thanks for your response and investigation of this issue Martin.

I suppose you have been playing a little bit more dbreader then I have.

Do you know a way to make it dump all it's definitions? I've seen this in MySQL where someone made a sql dump that recreated the tables and fields in another database.

I'd like to take a look at the CW databases in a more familiar (MySQL) enviroment.

I would assume that if a

select * from CampusOgsGroupPropertiesTable

doesn't work and a

select field1, field2, - fieldx < except CreationTime,LastEvaluatedTime,LastModificationTime >

from CampusOgsGroupPropertiesTable

works then I expect a problem with the values in there.

I will see if I can fix the problem by doing updates to get some known good/normal values in there.


Re: Campus 4.0.4 SP 4 Topoplogy view unreachables devices

The values that appear in the columns seem to be time-ticks and it is not obvious that they are corrupted.

With the database dump I am not familiar with and do not know if you can do it in a plain text file. LMS does a DB dump by itself if you enable the DB backup process in Common Services but its not a readable file what you get. I think you need some import conversion tool to recreate the tables in mySQL.

Perhaps you´ll find some infos in the Sybase Admin Guide somewhere on the Sysbase website.

If you have problems with dbreader, post your mail address....



Re: Campus 4.0.4 SP 4 Topoplogy view unreachables devices

You can have my email MArtin. It is

mh at didata dot be

I wonder why we can see the CampusOgsGroupPropertiesTable when we just click its name, but not if we do a select * from CampusOgsGroupPropertiesTable.

I thought the script would do just that when we click the name of the table, but apparently not. Could this be a problem with the script?

If you have any info about this dbreader I'm interested. All modifications I did so far was to change the HTML page so I can just select the name of the database, and the script chooses the right username. The password is hardcoded in the script now.

I will adapt the script to allow me to set the limit on the number of records returned and to save the results as .cvs

Until now I find the database structure not very obvious, but then these applications were not designed together. Whatever info you have about the database internals let me know.

Best regards,


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