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Campus Manager 4.0.4

Is there a limit for seed devices and or device subnets you can add in campus manager 4.0.4?

Any time i make a change in the GUI, the file becomes corrupt and unuseable, and device discovery wont run.

However, if i make the changes by command line, it works fine.

Just wondered if there was a hard limit on seed devices (currently list about 500 due to initial network discovery issues), and about 100 or so subnets.

Anyone else experienced this or had any problems?




Re: Campus Manager 4.0.4

If you have 100 subnets and need 500 seed devices you have to fix your network.

Without the devices properly "seeing" each other with cdp campus cannot get the topology right.

Anyway, once you have the devices in the DCR they will be used as seed devices. You only need them in the seed devices if you would do a discovery after deleting everything.



Re: Campus Manager 4.0.4

I aggree with you Michel, but sometimes you do things because there is the possibility to do so ;-)

But If you have a lot of branche offices connected to your headquater through leased-lines LMS has no CDP access to the branches and you need to add a minimum of one device of eache branche office as a seed device. So the list can exceed 150 device without a problem. And if you add 2devices you will have 300...

I had the same problem, see this thread and the answers from Jossy

I think there is a max number of around 350 - 400 devices, even if there is no limit from programmers view. I think there is a problem with one of the file parsers that read the input from the Web-Site.


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Re: Campus Manager 4.0.4

I read your comments on that previous thread, and that is the exact problem im experiencing on solaris 9. Any changes i make to from the GUI completely messes the file up rendering it unusable.

This led me to think i have too many seeds and/or subnets configured within CiscoWorks.

But it seems the application is at fault as apparently it shouldnt have any issues with the number of devices ive added.

Did you ever raise a TAC case for this?

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