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Campus Manager 5.2.2 & User Tracking Minor Acquisition

I recently reinitialized my campus manager database.  The user tracking minor acquisition has stopped working.  The minor acquisition is scheduled to run every 60 minutes.  The major acquisition continues to work as it should.  Does anyone know how to jump start the minor acquisition?  TIA

Cisco Employee

Minor acquisition occurs on a

Minor acquisition occurs on a device if any of the following changes take place:
•A new endhost or IP phone is added to the network.

•Port state changes (when the port comes up or goes down).

•A new VLAN is added to the network.

•There is a change in the existing VLAN.

Minor acquisition updates the LMS database with just the changes that have happened in the network. It is triggered at regular intervals. The default for these intervals is 60 minutes. You can configure the interval at which the acquisition takes place.

How do you know that Minor UT is not working? Please share more details and information for us to understand.

 Note: a minor acquisition only looks at devices that changed during the last Campus Data Collection. So, if nothing has changed, or a Data Collection has not been run in the last 55 minutes, then the minor acquisition will just start and stop.



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I have had LMS 3.2 running

I have had LMS 3.2 running for several years and Minor UT has run like clockwork every 60 minutes.  The reason it runs every 60 minutes is that we have so many changes, link up/link down and additions/deletions.  So when it stopped working, I would think we shut down the entire network OR my network is completely static and it never changes anymore.

Cisco Employee

I understand your dependency

I understand your dependency on this feature, but because it doesn't usually generates any alerts when it is running. I am asking a clarification on how do you conclude it is not working?

If you want to verify, you may enable debug on vmpsadmin and check ANI.log for errors. This module :

•Discovers end-user hosts on the network
•Records end-user host information in the ANI database
•Manages requests for scheduling user and host discoveries, ping sweeps, database queries, and updates to user and notes information



-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **
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