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Campus Manager User tracking


What is the meaning of "last seen" field for an end host in the user tracking module???

is it the moment of starting the host or is it the last moment in which that host sent traffic???

My problem is that i have an end host, my computer, always up and i see febreary in that field (3 month ago)...

Maybe i have some mistake in the configuration of user tracking.

Thank you in advanced.

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Re: Campus Manager User tracking

Last Seen is the Date and time when User Tracking last found an entry for this user or host in a switch. Last Seen appears in the format dd mon yyyy hh:mm:ss.

What version of CM are you running? Are you rnning something earlier than 2.5.1?

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Re: Campus Manager User tracking


what do you want to say with "find an entry"?

I am running LMS 2.5--> Campus Manager 4.0.4

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Re: Campus Manager User tracking

The last seen field is the last time the User Tracking acquisition process ran and found this host on the network. Given your version of Campus Manager, and the symptom you describe, this may be a bug that was fixed in LMS 2.6. Basically, UT acquisition would run, but crash, and never update the database. However, without seeing the ut.log it is impossible to know. It could just be the switch to which your PC is connected is not properly Data Collected, or is currently not SNMP-reachable.

For troubleshooting these issues, it is best to enable vmpsadmin under Campus Manager > Admin > Campus Data Collection > Debugging Options, then run another full User Tracking acquisition. Then search through the ut.log for your MAC address (i.e. the one showing up with a last seen of February).

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