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Campus Manager

Campus Manager

Current Version

Topology Services Version 4.0

Campus Manager V 4.0.6

Q1 Is it possibe to upgrade directly from Campus manager 4.0.6 to Campus Manager 5.1 Do I need to upgrade the licence (TAC case).

Q2.Topology view has 480+ Cisco switches and 600+ Auto APs, I plan to export the Network Topology view to Visio 2003 using an xml file. If I export all 480+ campus switches to Visio 2003 will the display be a good quality network diagram?

q3: My current Topoloy view is a mess, what command will perform a new network discovery and will re-arrange the devices in a organised fashion

Cisco Employee

Re: Campus Manager

1. Yes, but you have to purchase LMS 3.1 first. This purchase will include a new license. There is no upgrade part number to go from LMS 2.6 to LMS 3.1.

2. Every Visio export I have ever done required manual work. However, I have not used Visio 2003.

3. After performing a Campus Data Collection, you can select View > Relayout, and re-layout the map in one of a few ways (I prefer hierarchical). From there, you can manually adjust the map to get it the way you like, then save the topology.

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Re: Campus Manager

Thanks Joe for the above details.

Is there any updates/patches for Campus manager 4.0.6 without purchasing a new licence.

I will on site on Monday to do a network audit for the customer, I plan to export all 480 switches to Visio including link details (Port numbers, ip address, hostname etc..) Is this possible to include this details in Visio.

Would it be possibe to send an example of an export from CM to Visio 2000/2002.

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Campus Manager

You can upgrade to CM 4.0.12 using updates from the Common Services > Software Center. The Visio VXD XML output can include device (types and addresses) and links. I haven't used Visio in a very long time, and I no longer have access to it.

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