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Cannot add WLC 5508 to Prime Infrastructure 2.1


I've been migrating / implementing a WCS to PI 2.1. I had several problems at first to add the 11 WLC we have to PI which I could be solving by trying and testing as I have not found many references by Cisco when it comes to troubleshooting when deploying PI.

I have several queries:

1. The WCS was added 11 WLC using different SNMP communities are configured on each of them. At first when trying to add the WLC had PI SNMP communication problems. I performed the test to eliminate any of the WLC added to WCS and add it again with some communities already existing R / W without any problem. At the end, I could not add the WLC so I had to create an SNMP community with the IP of Prime in the WLC so that they can be added. Does anyone know what is the cause of this?

2. I could not add a WLC 5508 IOS 7.3 using this method, even creating an SNMP community and IP mask / 0. No access list or FW in between the WLC These WLC are spread over several countries but i was able to add the other WLC adding a community in each WLC pointing to the IP of Prime. It is similar to this case:


Thanks for the help.

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