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Catalyst 6500 Temp


Is the temperature around 32 °C is acceptable inside a cabinet that hosts 6513 switch?

Since the data sheet for the catalyst 6500 is saying that the max. temp. is 40 °C when a device in operating mode.

Core_D#show environment temperature

VTT 1 outlet temperature: 33C

VTT 2 outlet temperature: 35C

VTT 3 outlet temperature: 35C

module 2 outlet1 temperature: 40C

module 2 outlet2 temperature: 43C

module 3 outlet temperature: 41C

module 3 inlet temperature: 30C

module 3 device-1 temperature: 31C

module 3 device-2 temperature: 36C

module 4 outlet temperature: 40C

module 4 inlet temperature: 35C

module 4 device-1 temperature: 31C

module 4 device-2 temperature: 36C

module 7 outlet temperature: 36C

module 7 inlet temperature: 31C

module 7 device-1 temperature: 41C

module 7 device-2 temperature: 42C

module 7 asic-1 temperature: 31C

module 7 asic-2 temperature: 31C

module 7 asic-3 temperature: 31C

module 7 asic-4 temperature: 31C

module 7 asic-5 temperature: 31C

module 7 asic-6 temperature: 31C

module 7 RP outlet temperature: 35C

module 7 RP inlet temperature: 34C

module 7 EARL outlet temperature: 42C

module 7 EARL inlet temperature: 29C

module 9 outlet temperature: 58C

module 9 inlet temperature: 31C

module 13 outlet temperature: 48C

module 13 inlet temperature: 30C

Thanks in advance

Abd Alqader

Community Member

Re: Catalyst 6500 Temp

Yes, 32 °C is acceptable. It will not effect in its working function.

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