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CDP neighbor report using Ciscoworks

I am interested in running a Cdp neighbor for various switches within the enterprise and make this report available at any time. I was hoping Ciscoworks can perform this function on a timed basis for accuracy. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks in advance...

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Re: CDP neighbor report using Ciscoworks

Getting at this information is not difficult, but getting a scheduled report that contains this information is not obvious.

To get the information and export it manually, you can go to Campus Manager > Home, and click on the Data Collection result link. That will pop up a window that lists all the devices managed by Campus Manager, and their neighbors. You can then print or export this report.

To schedule the export of this data, you will need to use the Campus Manager Data Extraction Engine (i.e. the cmexport command), and run an l2topology report. For example:

cmexport l2topology -u admin -p admin

This will produce an XML dump of the layer 2 topology information, including neighbor information. This XML data can be parsed into any format desired. Plus, since cmexport is a CLI command, it can be scheduled using UNIX cron/at or Windows at.

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Re: CDP neighbor report using Ciscoworks

Thank you very much for this info... it'll be very useful in determining neighbors for Distribution switches. In a campus environment with many uplinks,fast accurate information is vital.

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