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Change the tftp server for LMS

We have a central location that has numerous vpn connection to many different clients. Instead of using the TFTP server on LMS could I point LMS to use a tftp server on the client lan? That would make transfer of IOS so much fast instead of trying to copy across a heavily used WAN connection.

Cisco Employee

Change the tftp server for LMS


Yes it is possible. There is a upgrade option using Remote Staging. The Remote Staging and Distribution option helps you to upgrade multiple devices over a WAN.

You can perform remote staging and distribution by either of the methods:

•External FTP server

•External TFTP server

•Remote Staging Device

In this workflow, a managed device or external TFTP server or FTP server is used to stage an image temporarily. The staged image is then used to upgrade devices that are connected by LAN to the Remote Stage device or external TFTP server or FTP server. If you use this method, you do not have to copy a similar image, multiple times across the WAN.

After the image distribution job is completed using a managed device as a remote stage device, the configuration changes made to the Remote Stage device are automatically reversed and the staged image is deleted from the Remote Stage device.

After the distribution job is complete, you can use the Software Mgmt Jobs tab to:

•Undo an upgrade and roll back to the previous image

•Retry devices that failed a previous upgrade

To distribute images using Remote Staging:

LMS 3.x :

Resource Manager Essentials > Software Mgmt > Software Distribution

LMS 4.x:

Configuration > Tools > Software Image Management > Software Distribution

Select Use remote staging and click Go to configure IOS upgrade job.



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