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Changing IP address of CiscoWorks Server

Hi. I am running CiscoWorks version LMS 3.0.1. on a Solaris box. I am moving the server that I installed CiscoWorks on to another subnet. The boxes will have new IP addresses.

When I first installed LMS, several months ago, I had to change the IP address (not the hostname) of the box I installed on. Somehow, or another, I screwed up LMS and had to do a fresh install.

So, I am hoping someone will read this and let me know if it looks safe to them.

I plan to:

1. Log into the Solaris box via the terminal server (the serial port, not using the NIC card to communicate).

2. Shut all LMS processing.

3. Down the NIC card (ifconfig <if> down)

4. Edit the /etc/hosts, /etc/inet/ipnodes, and /etc/defaultrouter files.

5. Rename the /etc/rc3.d/S10dmgtd file such that LMS will NOT start on reboot.

6. Reboot the box.

7. Validate that the ip address has changed and is correct.

8. Rename the S10dmgtd file so LMS will start.

9. Reboot the box again.

I am hoping this will work -- Can anybody comment?



Cisco Employee

Re: Changing IP address of CiscoWorks Server

You forgot /etc/networks and /etc/netmasks, but the rest looks okay.

As for LMS, if this is a multi-homed server, you will need to edit /opt/CSCOpx/lib/vbroker/gatekeeper.cfg, and update the IP address in their. If you've never changed this file, and the server is single-homed, then you shouldn't need to touch it.

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