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changing location of vbroker log directory


I have installed LMS 2.5.1 onto a Windows server and specified the installation of D:\CSCOpx instead of the default C:\Program Files\CSCOpx. The reason for this being that the D: has the largest amount of disk space and I couldnt fing anywhere where I could specify the location to use just for the database.

Anyway, having done this, I notice that the vbroker process still puts its log files on the C: drive as C:\vbroker\log.

Is there any way to shift this off the C: drive to another location, such as D:\vbroker\log?

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Re: changing location of vbroker log directory

Wow. I think in the history of CiscoWorks, this question has never been asked. I don't think I've even needed to look at the vbroker logs except once or twice, and I always ran osagent by hand in that case.

In any event, while I have not tested this, you should be able to move the vbroker logs to D:\ by setting the following system environment variable:


Then restarting dmgtd. Alternatviely, you could probably even add this entry to the registry at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Cisco\Resource Manager\CurrentVersion\Envronment and get the same effect.

Note: whatever you do, if you notice adverse effects, you should back out the changes before reporting any problems to the TAC.

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Re: changing location of vbroker log directory

Thanks for your response.

It does appear to work to a certain degree in that the file osagent.log gets updated in the new location, but the 3 other files, viserr.log, vislog.log, and visout.log still seem to get updated in the old directory (C:\vbroker\log) when I do the net stop|start crmdmgtd.

Is there another ENVIRONMENT varible for these?

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Re: changing location of vbroker log directory

These files can be controlled by the VBROKER_ADM environment variable. However, setting that variable could have a serious negative impact on osagent and related applications. I do not recommend you do this.

Beyond that variable, the rules for creating these files on Windows state that the files will be written to the \vbroker\log directory on the drive from which the application was started. Since osagent is started as a service under the SYSTEM user, this is the system volume (typically C:).

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